Thanksgiving as Service

Kendyl McElreath Illustrations

The church had gathered to pray for a needy family around Thanksgiving. The family needed food, so folks from the church got together to pray for them. While the prayer meeting was going on, a young boy came and knocked on the door of the home where members had gathered, entered into the house and told them, “My father said to tell you that he can’t come tonight to pray because he is too busy unloading his prayers at the Jones’ house. He said to tell you that he is taking a side of beef, a sack of potatoes, a bushel of apples, and some jars of jam. He said he could not be here to pray, but that he has taken his prayers and unloaded them at their house.”

Thanksgiving by way of daily thanks-living demands that we pray, but it also demands that we “unload” our prayers at the doorsteps of those who are hungry, lonely and just plain without.
(Jimmy Gentry)