Strength, Providence

Preaching Magazine Illustrations

David Jeremiah tells the story of Dr. P.P. Job, who spoke at a Christian rally in New Delhi, India, in 1998. After the rally, he received threats against his family. At the time, his son Michael was training at the university to be a medical missionary. One evening, a white Fiat with Delhi plates, traveling at a high speed, changed lanes, rammed into Michael, and sped away without stopping. Michael died from the injuries.

Dr. Job was inconsolable. “It happened because I am a preacher of the Word of God,” he said. “I was shattered. There are no words to describe the pain I went through.” But as he read his Bible, he found Philippians 1:12: “The things which happened to me have actually turned out for the furtherance of the Gospel.”

That verse strengthened Dr. Job’s faith, imparting courage to advance the Gospel. Today there is the Michael Job Orphanage, the Michael Job High School, the Michael Job Residential Art and Training College, and the Michael Job Memorial Chapel. Multitudes have been inspired by this story, and God is gaining glory for Himself throughout India because a father was inwardly strengthened by the Holy Spirit.

(Turning Point Daily Devotional, 4/20/04)