Preaching Magazine Illustrations

Pastor Danny Hedgepeth visited the home of a young couple who had come to his church.  He was just becoming acquainted with them when he learned that they were preparing to leave for seminary in one month.  Moved with emotion about their calling, the pastor asked if he could pray for them.  As he began, he mixed up the names of their daughter Winnie and their poodle Samantha.  He asked God to protect Samantha and let her someday serve Him.  The couple began to laugh so the pastor doubled-down.  He prayed, “Lord, begin to prepare a mate for little Samantha, and one day use her and her family in your service to bring the Gospel to the world.”  After the “Amen,” the pastor learned why the young couple was laughing.  Several months later, Hedgepeth ran into the husband and asks about his family.  The young father replied, “My family is great, and our poodle is serving on the mission field!” Mature Living, October 2022, p.14