Death and Fear

Preaching Magazine Illustrations

In his book Facing Death, Billy Graham relates an experience of Donald Grey Barnhouse, one of America’s leading Bible teachers in the first half of the 20th century. Cancer took Barnhouse’s first wife, leaving him with three children all under 12. The day of the funeral, Barnhouse and his family were driving to the service when a large truck passed them, …

Kindness Caring Hurry

Kindness, Caring, Hurry

Preaching Magazine Illustrations

In a recent issue of his Daily Hope newsletter, Rick Warren writes: “Hurry is the death of kindness. If you’re going to learn to be a kinder person, you’ve got to slow down! When you’re always distracted with other things, you don’t have time to be kind. If you were to take a cross-country trip, there are several ways you …

Obedience Rebellion

Obedience, Defiance

Preaching Magazine Illustrations

Ron just got a new sports car and was out for a drive when he cut off a truck driver.  The trucker motioned for Ron to pull over.  When he did, the driver got out of his truck and pulled a piece of chalk from his pocket.  He drew a circle on the road and told Ron to stand in …