John the Baptist, Messianic Prophecy

Preaching Magazine Illustrations, Luke

I often wonder what my children will do when they grow up. I imagine my daughter will use her creative imagination to write epic fantasy novels. I imagine my oldest son will use all those hours of assembling Legos to be an architect who designs incredible structures. I’m not sure about the youngest; he is only 3. So far, it seems he might be headed for a career as a stunt man. He flips and falls with a lot of style!

When friends and family asked Zechariah what his miraculous son, John, would do (Luke 1:66), the old priest replied with a prophetic song. His song did not emphasize his son’s future exploits. Instead, Zechariah modeled his son’s mission by celebrating God’s coming salvation through Jesus. Zechariah celebrates the coming Messiah by revealing that through Christ, God would visit and redeem His people, raising a horn of salvation to fulfill Old Testament prophecy. (Kristopher Barnett)