Changing Demographics

Kendyl McElreath Illustrations

According to a February 24 USA Today story by Susan Miller, “A record number of U.S. adults – 5.6% – identify as LGBTQ,” marking “more than a 1 percentage point jump from the last poll in 2017, in which 4.5% of adults identified as LGBTQ.” The story is based on a Gallup survey.

“One of the biggest headlines in the 2020 poll,” writes Miller, “is the emergence of Generation Z adults, those 18 to 23: 1 in 6, or 15.9%, identify as LGBTQ. In each older generation, LGBTQ identification is lower, including 2% or less of respondents born before 1965.”

The story indicates that a majority (54.6%) of those who identify as LGBTQ claim to be bisexual. That includes 72% of the Gen Z group who identify as LGBTQ. Among the rest of adults identifying as LGBTQ, 24.5% identify as gay, 11.7% as lesbian and 11.3% as transgender. (Read the full article)