Chosen by God

Preaching Magazine Illustrations

On October 15, 2002, the Associated Press carried a light-hearted story about Billy Graham. It reported that the Dallas Cowboys, honoring the distinguished life and ministry of Dr. Graham, presented him with a Cowboy jersey with the name “Graham” on the back and the number “1” in large print on the front and back. Graham responded to the gift in a way that demonstrated his unique sense of humor.

“It has my name on the back and I’m No. 1.
I may show up at the next game and see where they put me.”

The evangelist had about as much chance at getting into the game as those unlearned disciples had in taking seriously their calling by the Master. Who would have thought that those eleven (even without Judas Iscariot, who had left the room) had the gifts and graces to change their world for Jesus? But they did. Jesus called them, and they followed. The Church of Jesus Christ was born!

(Tom Barnard, Friday Evening newsletter)