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September 4, 2019


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In their book Jesus Manifesto (Thomas Nelson), Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola share this: “There is a billboard in Oklahoma that reads, ‘Eternity is hell without Jesus.’ But in truth, every place is hell without Jesus. The Ritz Ca...

September 4, 2019

Aging, Marriage

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A husband and wife are getting ready for bed. The wife is standing in front of a full-length mirror taking a hard look at herself. “You know, dear,” she says, “I look in the mirror and I see an old woman. My face is all wrinkled, everyth...

September 4, 2019


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In his “One Minute Uplift” newsletter, Rick Ezell writes: “St. Augustine, the early church father and theologian, described prayer as like a man in a hapless boat, who throws a rope at a rock. The rock provides the needed security ...

NASA Postcard
August 26, 2019


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When Apollo 11 thundered towards the moon, the three astronauts didn’t have life insurance.  NASA wouldn’t offer it to them because their job was considered “high risk and experimental.”  Knowing that the possibility of death w...

flood damaged road
March 1, 2019

Consequences of Sin

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In his Daily Article for Jan. 11, Jim Denison writes: “Officials have determined that a sinkhole that cost $75 million to fix was caused by human error. Water was released too quickly into sewage pipes, eventually causing the ground t...

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