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More than a Holiday

As Christians, we must be careful to not allow the Christmas season to be reduced to nothing more than a holiday.

Christmas Season

Christmas and the Church: The Spirit of the Season

As the holidays approach, there seems to be a new spirit in the air. A spirit of hope that things are getting better and that there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel.  At this time last year, people were seriously debating the wisdom of getting together for Thanksgiving feasts, Christmas parties, or New Year’s celebrations. Was …

Pews and Pulpit

Charles E. Booth: A Preacher’s Preacher | By: Wayne Croft

Dr. Charles Edward Booth was a revered pastor, homiletician, prophetic preacher, scholar, author, and mentor to many. Known for his dignified manner, towering stature, impeccable dress, and sonorous baritone, Charles Booth was destined to be a preacher. His passion for proclaiming the gospel and surety of call was so evident to him that he never knew a time when he …

A Preacher Looks Back After 30 Years

Scott M. Gibson I went back to where I was raised in western Pennsylvania to conduct a funeral. The funeral was for a dear member of my former church — my first church. The occasion to return to my roots in pastoral ministry caused me to reflect on what took place thirty years ago and the impact those saints continue …