Jesus Empty Tomb Preaching the Empty Tomb An interview with Max Lucado, pastor of the Oak Hills Church of Christ in suburban San Antonio, Texas. Articles Empty Pews at Church Virtual Preaching in COVID-19 Era Celebration in preaching is not solely dependent upon people in pews, but rather upon the God who is present in Spirit. Articles Engaging Generation Z by Tim McKnight Preaching to Generation Z This article is an excerpt from Tim McKnight’s new book Engaging Generation Z: Raising the Bar for Youth Ministry. It is used by permission from Kregel Academic. Articles Sign Reading Preaching to Heal Churches in Conflict No one can have a shepherd’s heart without accepting this ministry of bringing peace to God’s people. Articles Bible Sitting on a Pulpit The Future of Expository Preaching Combating Evangelical individualism and having concern over the plight of the lost and hurting is – Christ in us. Articles


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