Sign Reading Preaching to Heal Churches in Conflict No one can have a shepherd’s heart without accepting this ministry of bringing peace to God’s people. Articles Bible Sitting on a Pulpit The Future of Expository Preaching The answer to the Evangelical individualism that makes us the focus of our spirituality, that makes the distinctives of our faith less valuable to us, and that makes the plight of the lost and hurting less concerning to us is – Christ in us. Articles Christian holding a Bible behind bars Courageous Preaching What a shame it would be to spend years studying languages, reading commentaries, sitting in classrooms, and preparing for ministry only to find that you lack enough backbone to stand and speak the truth. Articles Man praying in pew The Preacher's Character What we discover is there is sometimes tension between what a preacher believes and how the preacher lives. What we are talking about is character, the foundation of a preacher’s — and person’s life. Articles People in Flux Trends in Culture that Affect Preaching | Ed Stetzer “If information was the answer,” entrepreneur Derek Sivers observes, “We’d all be billionaires with perfect abs.”(1) Information alone won’t bring transformation, and standing to preach doesn’t guarantee disciples are being made. How do we effectively preach God’s Word in the culture of now? How do we move from presenting biblical information to forcefully shaping both... Articles


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